Here is a smart nomadic toy that will allow your child to have fun and keep busy in all circumstances! This box with double-sided magnetic surface is very clever! It contains everything you need to imagine and create extraordinary animals using 60 magnets of different shapes and colors! In addition, they are stackable, which allows you to create volume and fun effects by placing the magnetic elements on top of each other, perfect for hand-eye coordination. This wooden case, whose transport is made easier thanks to a fabric handle, also contains 20 model cards allowing children from 3 years old to bring colorful animals to life, following the instructions, as if they were doing a puzzle. . And we get to know the shapes while having fun! This wooden educational game also lets you give free rein to your imagination and work on motor skills thanks to the slate surfaces and 2 white chalks provided. It's up to the children to let their imagination run wild, as if they were drawing on a board! Once the game is over, all you have to do is put away all the elements and close this pretty bright yellow case! This wooden educational game measures 30 x 30 cm closed.