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Magic Piper sells handpicked, lovingly-sourced clothes, baby gear and accessories. We are a specialty boutique and we love all of our customers: young, old, in the belly or out! 

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It's a dangerous place for Grandparents! So many choices, quality merchandise and everything is in really good taste.

Leasa Ryan-Janssen

Great store with great products ... if you are lucky they even rock your baby to sleep for you while you shop!

Heather Love

Today I visited your boutique and was quite taken with your sales person, as well as your products. It would be easy to spend time there in the future. I purchased a lovely Quilt & Teddy for my Grandaughter Sydney and will be looking forward to the reaction from her Mommy when she opens her gift wrapped treasures. Thank you for making my day better.

Doreen Rideout

Always great service. So nice to be able to get the higher end items we need, close to home.

Stefanie S

I was in a couple weeks ago buying a gift for my new niece. Such a great store! Awesome customer service!

Jennifer Vanden Beukel‎

Congratulations Magic Piper for 30 years in business! No small accomplishment in today's struggling #‎smalltown‬ downtowns.

Melissa Mummery

Thanks Magic Piper! My little guy LOVES his perlim pinpin bibs :)!!

Shauna Gunthrie