These rental-safe hook and loop strips are designed to help close the light gaps around windows.

- Damage Free
- Rental Safe
- 5 lb Hold Strength
- Includes 4 Pairs of Strips

How to Use the Sleepout Strips:
Start with the curtain. Peel the backing paper from one strip, position and stick on desired location, pressing firmly for 30 seconds. The adhesive on the back of the strips is single-use.

Next, clean the surface where you would like to attach the other strip. Remove back paper, stick, and press firmly for 30 seconds.

Wait one hour for the adhesive to set, then, press the strips together! For best performance, wait 24 hours before use. We recommend holding the curtain-side strip while pulling the strips apart from each other so you can re-stick the hook and loop strips over and over again.

Removing the Strips:
Hold strip tightly against the wall. Pull the tab straight down, keeping your hand close to the wall as the adhesive stretches. Wait for the snap and strip will release from the surface.